Episode 11:

Matthew Patti

Vision, Flow and Imagination

July 1, 2019

In this episode of Zen Money Monday, we dive into visionary business building with one of the best!

Episode in a Nutshell:


Liz welcomes futurist, entrepreneur and global leader in conscious business growth, Matthew Patti to the podcast. Matthew approaches entrepreneurship and business building in a unique way and he speaks to his hiring practices, navigating the daily minutia of entrepreneurship, and the most common issues he encounters while coaching business owners to greater success. Matthew offers sage advice during the conversation, and he challenges listeners to create and shape their own futures using ingenuity and imagination.

In detail, we covered:

  • 01:04 – Introducing today’s guest, Matthew Patti
  • 01:40 – Matthew's background in the medical profession
  • 03:36 – How Matthew became a disruptor
  • 04:43 – Matthew's career evolution
  • 08:56 – The shift to building a company

  • 10:55 – The most important lessons Matthew has learned through entrepreneurship

  • 12:44 – Matthew uses the Traffic Light System to describe the 'ticky tacky' of everyday business

  • 15:20 – Matthew's decision-making during his hiring process

  • 20:16 – The most common issue Matthew encounters among business owners

  • 22:08 – The importance of having a vision

  • 22:21 – The Tennis Ball Exercise

  • 27:05 – Stepping back from your business, taking inventory and entering a creative zone

  • 28:28 – What Zen Money means to Matthew

  • 30:25 – Takeaways Matthew wants the audience to know

  • 31:48 – Matthew provides listeners with a special gift

Sound Bites:

  • "I've never really seen myself as employable. I've tried a couple of times and done a reasonable job at it, but not a great job. Because, I think with entrepreneurs or business owners, we cut our cloth in a very different way." (02:12)
  • "I've always believed that you can train someone a skill, but you can't train them a personality.'" (16:25)
  • "Business is one of the most rewarding, personal growth journeys." (21:11)
  • "If we allow the business to operate as a parasite on us and our life, it's not a business that's serving us; we're serving the business. (24:27)
  • "This is what I've said to my clients: 'Trust the process. Step back. Go and enter your creative zone.'" (27:05)
  • "Zen Money is really flow. Zen Money is about letting go of this idea that it needs to be hard. Letting go of this idea that it needs to be a struggle and that you need to really, really, really work hard to get ahead for the rest of your life." (28:47)
  • "I think the most important thing to remember is that you can shape whatever future you want. And you can shape whatever future you want right now through your imagination." (30:44)

About Matthew

Matthew Patti is the founder of Innerversal Academy and creator of the renowned Zero Limits: Shape Your Best Life™ program. 


Admired among his peers as a visionary, futurist, modern mystic and global leader in conscious business growth, Matthew has built multiple 6 and 7 figure businesses over the past 25 years applying his unique blend and understanding of metaphysical principles with business strategy to help Transformational Leaders, Conscious Business Owners and Holistic Practitioners scale their business and consciousness.


His mission is to help awaken and activate higher levels of consciousness and "Super Human" potential within - transcending out-dated models of "doing" - rising to new heights of personal performance and achievement so together, we can positively influence, impact and contribute to advancing the human race using our unique gifts, talents and abilities.


You can learn more about Matthew's work by visiting him at www.matthewpatti.com or finding him on Facebook or Linked In.

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How often do you tap into your imagination?


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Fun Free Stuff

Check out these resources we discussed in this episode:


Tennis Ball Meditation: http://bit.ly/ManifestNow-ZMM - Enjoy this free guided exercise from Matthew! Check it out to start ramping up your goal achievement.


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