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Feel-good financial education, management and strategy for exponential growth and incredible peace of mind.


I’m Liz Lajoie.

your Zen Money CFO

I’m here to help you make more money, manage it more easily, and bring more of it home -- so that you can actually enjoy it!

I’ve been working with Liz for quite a while, and could not recommend her more. She’s the most powerful combination of someone who's a genius with money and with numbers (something that is not my genius) but also has a way of coaching me, loving me, encouraging me and supporting me, helping me strategize about where my business is going, and how much it's going to cost for me to get there. I think she's a total unicorn in the world of finance, and I would definitely not be where I am now without her guidance. If you're an entrepreneur or a coach or a business person that wants your finances handled by someone who's warm and supportive and loving, just go talk to Liz. Just do it. 

Megan Jo Wilson

Coach & Founder of Rockstar Camp for Women


Before working with Liz, I didn't know much about my company's finances. I'm embarrassed to admit it because it was three years into our business, we had 10 people full time and I was still getting close to zero at the end of the month. And that was something that really stressed me out. When I reached out to a friend to ask, "Do you know anyone who can help me with this?", he recommended Liz and immediately from our first call I felt calmer. I felt like I understood better what I should be watching out for, the importance of checking your books more regularly. And now I finally have a three month cushion of expenses in the agency and I feel like I can breathe again. I don't think you can put a price on that. Liz educates you in what you should be looking out for, and she holds your hand through the process, makes you feel safe and grounded, and that you really have a grasp of it all. Even when things can go wrong in the business (because entrepreneurship is a roller coaster), Liz helps me feel under control with my finances. So I know that I can have a month where no work might come in and I'll be okay. I think that's a huge value of working with Liz and I highly recommend her.

Joana Galvao

Creative Director & Founder of GIF Design Studios


Liz is like a secret weapon, because once she's on your team or she's got your back, she will have it forever. She can take someone who doesn't want to talk about money, and create a space for you to be able to see it in a completely different way. She meets you where you are, and takes you on the journey. She doesn’t push anything on you; she just comes to you and takes you there. And she goes above and beyond always. Liz creates this energy of peace and calm where you can relax and know that your business is going to be okay. You don't need to be stressed, overwhelmed, or worry. And that, to me, is what she represents...being calm, relaxing, at ease with my finances. She creates all of those beautiful things for me, all while helping me build solid strategies and make smart decisions for my business.

Tamara Arnold

Business Energy Strategist & Founder of The Chakra Business Academy


Take a deep breath.

Things are about to get easier.

Are pieces of your financial puzzle in order but you're still not seeing your whole picture?

As your Zen Money CFO, I believe it's important to look at your finances in an integrative way.

Our Zen Money™ 3-pronged approach includes:

  • Discovering who you are as an entrepreneur

    We get real about your past experiences, to learn how they've shaped your relationship with money and the decisions you make today. We work on identifying any roadblocks that are holding you back from managing your money or charging your worth. We determine a plan for your financial management that works for your unique financial archetype, and get clear on your personal and professional goals as a business owner.

  • Financial management that's right...for you

    We set you up for success based on your unique needs. For some that may mean learning the foundational elements of managing your books, and for others it means done-for-you financial management. Clients are amazed at how quickly they feel calm and confident once their books are in order and things are flowing smoothly.

  • Strategies for

    exponential growth

    We offer individualized business strategies that meet you where you are and show you exactly how to get where you'd like to go. Our forward-thinking approach takes into account your professional needs, helps you answer the "should I be spending this?" and "what should I be charging?" questions, and sets you up for massive growth.

Imagine how it would feel knowing:

Your books are balanced…

You’re fearlessly charging your worth…

You have a clear picture of where to spend and where to save…

Tax time is a breeze (really!)...

You have a customized strategic growth plan…

Your business is (finally!) fueling your passions and funding your personal life…


...All while you stay focused on doing what you do best.​

Making the choice to master your numbers is leap of faith.

Are you ready to jump?

Don't worry, I'll be right here to hold your hand.

Liz is patient, kind and knowledgeable. She understands coaching and creative folks and wants us to succeed. As an artist, I was just beginning to think of my work as a business when I started working with Liz. Now I not only have clients, I have the tools I need to organize the financial side of it, too. I knew the work was important, but I was surprised to realize that I'm not a failure around money; I actually know a lot about stewardship and enjoy managing it!

Deborah Black

Artist, Coach, Healer & Teacher


Liz has literally changed my life and my entire business, by helping me get my money in order. Working with her has been so valuable; I’ve gone from wondering how I was going to pay my taxes and living moment to moment, to knowing what’s possible, getting everything cleaned up, and having such a sense of relief because I know what I’ve actually got coming on a day-to-day basis and what I can plan for. I don’t have to worry about whether I can afford to go to an event or buy something for myself because I know exactly where I stand, thanks to the work we’ve done together. And that’s been an enormous relief. So if you’re considering working with Liz or taking her up on one of her amazing programs, don’t hesitate! It’s one of the best things you can do for your business.

Amy Birks

Business Strategist & Author of "The Hustle Free Business"


The best thing about working with Liz is that there is NO judgment, FULL support, and accountability in making my finances understandable and fun! (No, really...) Liz was always available to answer questions, share her vast knowledge of financial management, and ready with good ideas about other areas of my business, too. I truly recommend this for anyone needing to get clear on your financial plan and how to manage it to your best advantage.

Dr. Kristina Hallett, PhD

Psychologist & Author of "Your Own Best Friend"


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